Samples / Site Visit

Making a furniture purchase is a huge decision. 

Just a few of the questions that may cross your mind may be:

- Is it comfortable? 

- Will I be able to lift it?

- Will it look like it does in the picture?

Let’s face it, in reality much of what we view online may seem to be exactly what we’re looking for, but in reality it may not always be suitable for our own individual needs.

Aspire Seating has extensive experience in the contract furniture market and understands how difficult it is to arrive at a decision to purchase furniture. It is expected that seating nowadays may have to perform a multitude of tasks for various user groups and this is where our sample / site visit service comes in.

We want to ensure you are entirely happy with your furniture selection and that it will do everything you demand of it. For this reason we offer a free of charge sampling service for our seating ranges wherever physically possible.

If you would like to take advantage of this non-obligatory opportunity please feel free to get in touch. Our team will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

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